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What are NFTs, and why should I care?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are digital assets existing on the blockchain, that can't be replicated or replaced. Think of them like digital collectibles, each one is unique and special in its own way and come with a record of their creation, authenticity and ownership.
As a content creator, NFTs are a way for you to monetize your work and give your fans exclusive access and ownership to your creations. And as a fan, it's a pretty rad way to digitally own a piece from your favorite creator.

What are the use cases for NFTs?

NFTs are being used to provide proof of ownership, such as for works of art, luxury items, and even real estate.
The use cases range from digital artwork to collectibles, or tickets for events or other exclusive experiences.
NFTs can also be used to provide access to NFT utility such as exclusive content, such as music, videos, and other digital goods.
There are limitless possibilities to what content creators can offer fans with NFTs, when it comes to especially NFT utility.
Check out this list of the best NFT utility ideas to get you started.

What can I do with Puddle?

Create: Turn a digital image into an NFT easily within minutes using our no-code NFT minter.
Distribute: In a few clicks, create a page and allow your fans and community to claim your NFT. Additionally, fans can claim the NFT utility (or exclusive perks) you included for NFT holders.

How much does it cost to create an NFT on Puddle

Creating an NFT on Puddle is currently free!

How can I sell my NFTs?

At the moment, one-click selling of NFTs on Puddle is not yet in place. We are currently intaking a small group of creators to beta test our Pro Mode, which includes the ability to list NFTs for sale. Want to get involved as an early tester? Sign up here.
One workaround is to send your minted NFT from your Dapper Wallet to a Blocto wallet and list it on Blocto-enabled marketplaces. Check back as more details will be updated soon.

Can I sell the same NFT multiple times?

As a creator, you can choose how many editions of a certain NFT you would like to mint. For example, you can mint 50 copies of an NFT with the same image.
Because of the nature of NFTs, while having the same image, each of those individual NFTs will be unique, and can only be owned by one user at a time.

Why is Puddle built on the Flow blockchain?

We chose Flow as the first blockchain to support because of their track record of enabling great Web3 user experiences, low fees and commitment to user safety.
Flow is also one of the greenest blockchains. Minting an NFT on Flow produces less carbon than posting on Instagram!

Why is there only one wallet supported? Can I use another wallet other than Dapper Wallet?

We understand how daunting it can be for new creators to interact with Web3 and the blockchain and we intentionally wanted to give our users a clean and simple user journey.
We believe Dapper Wallet is the perfect choice for users who are new to the space, providing a secure and user-friendly experience without requiring users to remember a seed phrase. In addition, there are enhanced security features such as two-factor authentication, and fraud prevention, on top of an intuitive, and user-friendly design.
For those more comfortable with blockchain, we certainly encourage you to explore other wallets on Flow like Blocto and Lilico, and even other blockchains!

When will Pro Mode be released?

We have big ambitions for Pro Mode and would love to hear from our users about what solutions would be the biggest value-add to Puddle.
Hop into our telegram group here to give feedback!

My question is not here. How can I get in touch with the team?

Email us at [email protected], or join our telegram group here.

I think this NFT is fake. How do I report it?

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