🏗️Create a token-gated website

Use NFTs as keys to unlock special perks and content.

Once you've minted your NFT, one of best ways to add utility to the NFT is to use it to token-gate a website.

To create a token-gated website with an NFT minted on Puddle, we recommend using Tell.ie.

Tell.ie is an easy-to-use, no-code required website builder with a decentralized ethos and Flow NFT support. With Tell.ie, you can customize your website and express yourself using original images, audio, video as well as text.

How to token-gate with Tell.ie:

  1. Go to https://tell.ie/ and sign-up for an account by clicking Get Started

  1. Once you've signed up, fill in the relevant profile details, customise your username and click save

  2. On the left nav bar, under the heading content, click pages and create a new page. It's okay to create a public page, because you'll add in token-gating later.

  1. Select a template, or build your own from scratch.

  2. Once your page has been created, simply click the + to add content (images, links, text etc), or click the pencil icon to access the page details to start the process for token-gating.

  1. Navigate to Access, which can be found at the bottom, on the far right. Under Manage Access, click Exclusive Access, and + Create New Token Gate. This should take you to a page titled Create Access Requirements

  1. Add a name for your token-gate, and select +Hold an NFT

  1. Select Contract Address, and under NFT Details, select for Network: FLOW (beta). -> The NFT address for PuddleV1 is: A.9496a99be6bceb8c.PuddleV1 -> The contract name is: PuddleV1

  1. Under Advanced Options, you can choose to gate for specific Token IDs. Enter in the serial number the NFTs you want to limit the gate to, linked by a dash (-) or separated by commas (,). eg. 1-9, 15, 25. -> The NFT serial can be found on the NFTs in your Dapper Wallet. -> Keep the minimum amount to hold at 1

  1. Click Done on the top when you've finished, review the page and Save. And voila! You now have a token-gated website!

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